Sports Massage in Mahipalpur

It is a mixture of Swedish massage and Shiatsu Massage. This technique focuses on certain parts of your body. This process is specially designed for those who are physically very active, such as athletes, dancers and sportspersons. With this help, not only do they avoid injuries, but they also get a lot of help in healing it.

Sports massage, as the name suggests, includes techniques that can be performed on specific body areas to improve sports and athletic performance. Different purposes of massage, although all are based on scientific beliefs.

Typically, in massages, race creams are used to heat muscles, while in post-race ones, oils and lotions are used with an anti-inflammatory action. The doctor carefully avoids treating certain areas such as tibia, patella, pubis, liver region, sternum, nipples, clavicle, spine, Achilles tendon.

Benefits of sports massage

  • Sports massage is indicated for athletes who want to keep the body healthy, accelerating the process of cool-down after exhaustion.
  • This can be achieved before a competition, as a preparation, during or after the competition to reduce fatigue.
  • Generally, this massage is used to reduce the results due to the production of lactic acid, dissolving spasms and muscle tension.
  • To solve muscle fibrosis and stretch problems, sports massage is practiced in conjunction with stretch.
  • Among the benefits of sports massage, we therefore find a reduction in muscle tension, a decrease in cortisol levels, and a cause for concern. An increase in endorphins leads to a decrease in pain sensation.