Head Massage in Mahipalpur

Head massage is a form of massage therapy. Head massage involves massaging the head, neck and shoulders. The main purpose of head massage is to reduce negative energies, due to which health problems are increasing. It also makes the skin of your scalp healthy, which makes hair roots stronger. Head massages are mostly used by head massagers and hair dressers to reduce anxiety and stress. But by adopting some easy techniques, you can also do head massage at home.

How to do head massage

  • Sit in such a quiet place. Also, keep in mind that the temperature of the place where you are sitting is neither too hot nor too cold.
  • If you have any pain while massaging, then definitely tell the therapist.
  • This massage is done with light pressure by keeping the fingers of both hands upwards.
  • In this, the skin of the head is massaged with a light hand. Rotate the arm round. Do as much as you can to massage the scalp.
  • Now massage the entire head skin with the fingers of both hands. The fingers should go forward, back, side to side.

Head Massage Oils

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Almond oil
  3. Mustard oil
  4. Sesame oil

Benefits of Head massage

  1. Head massage detoxifies the body
  2. Head massage relieves migraine
  3. The brain remains healthy, sharpens memory
  4. Head massage can help with respiratory problems.
  5. Blood pressure is controlled by head massage
  6. Head massage makes hair grow